The Team

Designosaur Graphics is a team of designers, thinkers, doers, and dreamers. We believe in the primeval strength and timelessness of great design. We make sure our passion is intact whenever we work; whether the design job is small or big, we will work with the same passionate heart and meticulous eye. Just like you, we value time, that is why we go straight to the jugular and deliver what you need in the fastest time possible.


Born and raised in the concrete jungles of Metro Manila, Alan is the head carnivore of Designosaur Graphics. He sharpened his chops hunting the wild grounds of promotions and advertising for 10 years before putting up together the creative team for Designosaur Graphics. He led the design firm to evolve and gain recognition globally within its 20 years of existence.


  • Star Wars (emphasizing on the original trilogy)
  • Movies & graphic novels
  • Beer & cookies, but not together
  • Peace & quiet… to daydream, meditate, & pray

After relinquishing his role as a rock star and guitar god at Mount Olympus, Zeus settled to live his life as a mortal on Earth. In disguise, he became an Art Director, but still retained his god-like abilities in his design day job. Overcoming the toxic jurassic advertising world, he has proven himself to be on top of the food chain, the apex predator now living and breathing life in Designosaur Graphics’ creative nest.


  • Family time
  • Playing guitar & making melodies
  • Art & sci-fi stuff
  • Beach & high mountains
  • Making fun of family and friends

The resident omnivore of Designosaur Graphics – feed her any kind of art brief and she’ll flex her creative muscle. She also describes herself as an ambivert who loves adventures, travel, and everything else in between. Miles as we call her, is our team’s senior graphic artist. She creatively helped the firm grow and evolve into the digital era – Miles have added “miles” to Designosaur Graphics’ success. She believes that every artist has an innate talent to be creative and innovative, they just have to find that spark of inspiration.


  • Anything purple
  • Collecting piggy stuffs
  • Dogs!
  • Anime and K-drama fan
  • Adventure seeker and theme park enthusiast

The Designosaur hatchling with the potential to become a creative behemoth. Art-nerd since childhood, Deslie studied Fine Arts to prove she is no ordinary artist. She then joined Designosaur Graphics straight out of university to flex her creative muscle. Since then, she never looked back and continued to grow in our creative nest. In just a few years, she’s already on her way to mastering her craft. No one can dare call her an art-nerd now!


  • Furbaby Cinnamon
  • Creating artworks
  • Fried chicken (she’s picky with her fried chicken)
  • Games and memes
  • Spend time with loved ones

The super cavewoman of Designosaur Graphics, Maan can deflect the artistic tantrums of the creative team. She nurtures and protects the creative nest, making sure everyone is getting paid (and fed) on time as well. She likes to keep things neat and organized while having fun. She is a free-spirited and lovely person who thinks of herself as the face of the modern selfie camera and queen of social media. Hail to our Designosaur queen!


  • Travelling with family
  • Movie/Park dates
  • Iced tea & choco chip cookies (but forbidden)
  • Biking
  • Grocery shopping

Lucky, the dog, is Designosaur Graphics’ lucky charm. He’s a friendly Shih Tzu who loves tummy rubs, but fierce when he hears the doorbell ringing. When he’s not busy being himself, he’s probably running after doggy treats or a hot poodle in his dreams.


  • Doggy snacks
  • Tummy rubs
  • Mama Miles lap and hugs
  • Sleeping
  • Barking at any delivery guy at the door